Random Goodies

A Girl With Tools

So guess what?  I got my first power tool!  (That doesn’t sound quite right)  Anyhoo, I am super excited.  I have big plans for this huge closet I have under my stairs.  I went and purchased a whole bunch of molding to put along one wall, then I am going to put up coat hooks, […]

Day Of Thrifting In Portland

Well we had quite the adventure this weekend; Amanda and I went on a thrifting adventure in Portland!  Let me just pause and give you some background…I have always been the girl that kind of shuddered thinking about a thrift store.  I attempted it a couple of times and would start scratching and get goosebumps…you […]

The Big “E” Word

Yep I am doing it! I started exercising this week! Can I just tell you that I can hardly make it up the stairs without crying? I keep thinking of all the good things this does for me, but really when it hurts this bad….. I will get better, and I am really proud of […]

Focus, focus

I am a total last-minute gift purchaser, and then stresser!  Every year I say I so am not going to do that again!  Yet as Christmas comes again, it happens every time!  So today I am going to accomplish some gifts.  See I am writing it down just as a focus goal! Onto my current […]

Thankful for smart children

We have been talking about Thanksgiving around our house, a lot!  Planning the menu, whose coming over, kids feasts at school, the list goes on and on.  On a side note my hubs is a big history fan (I know doesn’t seem to fit for those of you whom know him).  Anyhoo, he was telling […]

A Story for my MIL.

Don’t you love your mother in law, I do.  That is not a joke, I do! Anyhoo, she is the person that finds funny in all things kids do.  This one time, when she was watching my oldest son, he crawled to a lazy susan cupboard I had in the house, got out the shortening […]

Barn House in My Backyard!

So I just stumbled upon a blog that is literally in my backyard, lol!  They have an annual show (which I knew nothing about) with hundreds of people coming in!  I am so bummed that I missed it this year, but you betcha I wont miss it again! Here is the link to their website http://www.barnhousebh.com/, […]