Pinterest Challenge

Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

Yep it is time to decorate for Valentines Day!  I wanted to create something that I could put on the mantle and was a little funky as well…so I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course) Totally cute, but I didn’t want to make copies of pictures to use…etc.  So I decided to use an […]

Twine Pears Tutorial

Hello Ladies! I’m Amanda, former crafty neighbor (former applies to ‘neighbor ‘ – not ‘crafty’) and current bestie to my gracious blog host, Miss Adriane. 😉 Last week, Adriane and I made these A.DOR.ABLE twine pears, and since I was the one with the camera that day, I’ve been asked to guest post and share […]

Create Your Own Pot Holders

Create Your Own Pot Holders

Not sure about you…. But my potholders have seen better days. Stained, thin, umm grossness. (I don’t think that is a word, but whatev) So guess what?  We made some, and they are so cute! I really like to give credit where it is due, so I am really sorry but I cannot find where […]

Christmas Letter Pinterest Challenge Week 13

So I am a little late, but I am excited about my latest Pinterest Challenge!  For the last couple of years we have been doing Christmas cards with the pictures from Costco, yada yada.  I am getting kind of burnt out, I love getting everyone’s pictures I just wanted to do something different.  Well you […]

Pintuck Duvet Cover

Well here it is folks!  The much awaited project for the Pinterest Challenge!  Don’t you love a bargain? I surely do!  Especially when it turns out completely GORG, for only small potatoes!  So I totally swooned over this pin: Pretty awesome, right?  So my sis and I share our Pinterest boards, she freaked out over […]

Pinterest Challenge

Here she is friends, the next big thing! At least to me, lol! A challenge of great proportions, thanks to my friend Amanda.  Now I will move some items to my completed file!  Whoop Whoop!  Oh yeah did I mention, I probably won’t do them all on my own.  I have to report on all […]

A Little Twiggy!

Thanks to Pinterest, and the horrible Cottonwood tree in the backyard (at least it’s good for something!) I made some Twig decor today!  Grab your pruner, glue gun, twigs, and twine to create your own!