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A Girl With Tools

So guess what?  I got my first power tool!  (That doesn’t sound quite right)  Anyhoo, I am super excited.  I have big plans for this huge closet I have under my stairs.  I went and purchased a whole bunch of molding to put along one wall, then I am going to put up coat hooks, etc.  As I strolled through the store they informed me they were moving.  Then they proceeded to offer me some serious deals! …my brain started going crazy, frame out the fireplace, put molding up on a wall in the entry, so on and so forth.  Lets just say I left with a pile of the stuff!  When I showed the hubs (along with the little mitre box and saw I proudly purchased) he just shook his head.  So after I attempted to make some cuts I figured out what he was so mystified for!  I got a complete arm workout for just 4 cuts!  Lets face it..I need to workout, but this stinking took forever!

Well last weekend we were out running errands as a family.  The hubs drove me to Sears and took me to the mitre saws and said “Pick one out!”  Whoot!  Whoot!  I have big plans!  I haven’t taken it out of the box…but today I bought a jigsaw, and a sander!  I am so on a roll!  Now I just need to attempt a project.  Don’t worry, I will!

Watch out world, Adriane got some tools!

xoxo Ade


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