Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

Yep it is time to decorate for Valentines Day!  I wanted to create something that I could put on the mantle and was a little funky as well…so I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course)

Totally cute, but I didn’t want to make copies of pictures to use…etc.  So I decided to use an old road atlas..from of course our thrift day.  So here is what you will need:

Road Atlas, Scissors, Glue Stick

Next find the pages that fit your fancy…I love the pinks and reds…the cool think about the atlas is they already have line on the pages, so you just want to make strips like so:

Cut Strips from the road atlas

Put the glue about 1″ up on the end of the strip, the side you want facing out.

Top glue, on side you want out

Then hook the other strip to it, and bend them around in a heart shape.  Put a dab of glue on the ends and you are set!  Don’t worry if it a little floppy, when they are all hooked together it stays pretty well.

You will want to line your hearts on the floor and put a dab of glue in between where you want them to hook together.  Then on the ends, I just hole punched the side and did a little hook with some garden twine.

Valentine Heart Garland

And that is it my friends!  Super easy and cute too…I must say.  This would be a great Valentine craft project for kids, if it weren’t 5am here I am sure my little munchkin would be helping out!

Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

Have a great day!


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2 comments on “Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

  1. Do you have instructions on how to make th hert hanging using a folded street/state road map?

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