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Blog Change

Well as you all know I am a new blogger; so I thought I may as well start with WordPress cuz I hear it’s the best…well the problem is all my blogging friends use Blogger.  Problem for me because when I need help, they can’t help me, lol!  So anyhow I am switching my blog […]

A Girl With Tools

So guess what?  I got my first power tool!  (That doesn’t sound quite right)  Anyhoo, I am super excited.  I have big plans for this huge closet I have under my stairs.  I went and purchased a whole bunch of molding to put along one wall, then I am going to put up coat hooks, […]

Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

Yep it is time to decorate for Valentines Day!  I wanted to create something that I could put on the mantle and was a little funky as well…so I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course) Totally cute, but I didn’t want to make copies of pictures to use…etc.  So I decided to use an […]

Day Of Thrifting In Portland

Well we had quite the adventure this weekend; Amanda and I went on a thrifting adventure in Portland!  Let me just pause and give you some background…I have always been the girl that kind of shuddered thinking about a thrift store.  I attempted it a couple of times and would start scratching and get goosebumps…you […]

Twine Pears Tutorial

Hello Ladies! I’m Amanda, former crafty neighbor (former applies to ‘neighbor ‘ – not ‘crafty’) and current bestie to my gracious blog host, Miss Adriane. 😉 Last week, Adriane and I made these A.DOR.ABLE twine pears, and since I was the one with the camera that day, I’ve been asked to guest post and share […]

Number Stool Redo

Number Stool Redo

Phew!  I am beat!  What a weekend!  I am pretty excited, I just got a very small spot to sell my crafty goodies!  So for all of you whom live near me, come check out my space at Uncovered Ruby!  There is some pretty fun stuff if you are into shabby goodies. When the […]