Teacher Gift

Finishing up last-minute goodies around here tonight!  Little bit of books for the hubbies business, and last-minute teacher gifts to send with the kids for school tomorrow. (Shocker, last-minute gift from me?)  Oh yeah did I also mention I am doing all that while playing on this here blog and catching up on my favorite show….The Real Housewives of BH.  I really like all the Real Housewives shows but my favs are Orange County, Beverly Hills, and of course New Jersey!  I know I am weird!

So here is what I made for the kids teachers, I played around with the ever popular  family rules.  I typed up different fun-loving rules for the classroom, and made all of them different fonts.  Then I printed it out on card stock and got some black frames (of course on sale at Fred Meyer).  I had to trim it down a little, but then that was that!  I think they are cute, and if I were a teacher I would like it (I think, lol).

Here it is close up, so you can see all the different words.  Well kind of…Did you notice I am back to camera phone pictures?  Grrr, something is wrong with my memory card.  Will have to get a new one, or maybe I could get a new camera???  Hint, Hint! (Or my sister can sell me hers, that she never uses!)

Preparing myself for the kiddos to be out of school next week.  I took the week off as well, should be interesting.  Honestly it will probably fly by as usual.  Mad dash for all the Christmas goodies, and making some sweet treats.

Talk to ya later!


2 comments on “Teacher Gift

  1. You took the week off?! Let’s do…something! Like your teacher’s gift. Making one for the family is on my list of to-do’s!

  2. Not selling the camera, sorry.

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