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Christmas Letter Pinterest Challenge Week 13

So I am a little late, but I am excited about my latest Pinterest Challenge!  For the last couple of years we have been doing Christmas cards with the pictures from Costco, yada yada.  I am getting kind of burnt out, I love getting everyone’s pictures I just wanted to do something different.  Well you know how you get those Christmas letters…the ones my Sis and I laugh at all the time!  What I found is basically a Christmas letter with a twist!

Here is where I found my idea http://www.my3monsters.com/2011/12/secrets-be-spillin-now.html.  I have found some really cute stuff on this website, and what is even better is she shares all of her ideas with super easy templates!  Who wouldn’t love that!  So her fab idea was to take a Christmas letter and turn it into a subway art letter.  Here is how her letter came out:

So thank goodness she gave us a template, and I went to town.  I don’t have Photoshop or Gimp (I don’t even know what this is).  So originally I thought I am going to just create my own, but as I was reviewing the sample, we are pretty similar, so I thought why not just use her template?  I put mine in Power Point.  It worked pretty well, I just couldn’t customize some items…I am sure you can I am just both too lazy, and not computer literate, lol!

So here is mine, sorry friends for the preview before you get it in the mail!

I couldn’t change the background color, I wanted it a bit more gray…but I still love it!  Super fun and different!

xoxo Ade

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