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Focus, focus

I am a total last-minute gift purchaser, and then stresser!  Every year I say I so am not going to do that again!  Yet as Christmas comes again, it happens every time!  So today I am going to accomplish some gifts.  See I am writing it down just as a focus goal!

Onto my current whoopla…So the last couple of days I have been wandering around with one contact in my eye.  I set my alarm to wake at 5am, then not thinking that I haven’t changed the clock to fall back I actually got up at 3:50am.  So when I put in my contacts in wayyy to early I was so tired that one fell out (my last).  I couldn’t figure out why the computer seemed a little blurry and I was a little off kilter.  Duh!  Funny I still didn’t even know that I woke up early at this point.  I am sitting talking to my hubby later and said “Why does the computer say 4:58am?”  He said “Because it is!”  So I called yesterday to get more contacts from Costco, yep my prescription has expired!  So today (before my gifts are accomplished) I have an eye appointment.  Then I may join the life of the normal again!

Yeah, see that above….well I didn’t do so great on the gift department.  I tried, really.  Why are the weekends so flippin busy??  Well my home is decorated!  It took me the entire day yesterday (totally not kidding either).  I am exhausted!  Why does it take me so long to do everything with the kids?  Sis had such a blast with the decorations though, seriously played for hours with the goodies!

Here is tree number ! this year.  Yep its fake, and double yep it’s not a cute fake one.  We learned, next year I will find a better one!

It is still pre-lit and cozy as I am sipping the coffee.  We also did another tree, for the kids with all the ornaments.

Above the kitchen cabinets!  Below is the famous hutch…

Yes folks I did it!  The cute jar of marshmallows that I saw on Pinterest.  To my friend that said my kids wouldn’t stay out of them….you are so right!  That jar was full yesterday morning!  Geez!

Would you believe there are a ton more?  There are but it is all that crazy silly stuff that kids love.  All the animals that sing, the musical boxes, etc…you know the stuff that has me itching to put Christmas away the minute presents are wrapped?


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