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Inspiring Images

Feeling AWWW inspired today!  I want to bake, and craft, and decorate all day.  So not very happy that I have to go to work!!  Uggg!  Anyhow, so here are a few things I am inspired to try (in the very near future)!  Did I tell you my sis and I are having a craft weekend?  Oh yes we are!  Yes, it is supposed to be so we can make some gifts for the holidays, but psshhh there are so many things I want to make for me! That sounded very selfish, oops!

Homemade Washer Necklace by http://homemadebyjen.blogspot.com

Cute right?  I would love to get one of these for a gift!

Salt Dough Ornaments or Gift Tags by http://simplysavannahevents.blogspot.com

I think these are adorable!  You could really get creative with these, and the kids would love this!

Lucky Us, Penny Keychain via http://www.etsy.com

Really want to drill through some pennies!  I am thinking this would be a cute gift for the hubs stocking.  Maybe our anniversary year, then the kiddos birth years?  Isn’t it illegal to do this to money?  Just wondering?

Awesome Shoe Words via Pinterest.com

So need these words somewhere in my house.  Probably my closet!  I really love shoes!

Aww inspiring Christmas Decor by thehouseofsmiths.com

Have you decorated yet?  I managed to get the decorations pulled out and the totes put on the back porch…..thats it!  I am getting there though!  So my sis will be excited that I am mentioning Shelley (the house of smiths)  She thinks they are besties!  Anyhow, if you have never read her blog I highly recommend it.  She has a total spunk that comes through, love her!

Well now I have to go get ready for work!  I love my job really, just want to only work when I want to, ya know!

Have a great day!



One comment on “Inspiring Images

  1. Focus Focus Focus
    We are making xmas gifts. Wood signs first and the homemade Kahlua.Then maybe our first of many holiday baking trays. Can you believe it, it’s December!

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