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Wine Bottle Turned Home Decor

Wine Bottle Turned Home Decor

I’m very kind of strange.  I love to snap pictures with my phone of random items that inspire me to diy.  So as I browsed at Fred Meyer I had to snap a picture of this vase for inspiration. I totally knew I could create this, I just needed to find the time.  Well since finding […]

Create Your Own Pot Holders

Create Your Own Pot Holders

Not sure about you…. But my potholders have seen better days. Stained, thin, umm grossness. (I don’t think that is a word, but whatev) So guess what?  We made some, and they are so cute! I really like to give credit where it is due, so I am really sorry but I cannot find where […]

Teacher Gift

Finishing up last-minute goodies around here tonight!  Little bit of books for the hubbies business, and last-minute teacher gifts to send with the kids for school tomorrow. (Shocker, last-minute gift from me?)  Oh yeah did I also mention I am doing all that while playing on this here blog and catching up on my favorite […]

Christmas Letter Pinterest Challenge Week 13

So I am a little late, but I am excited about my latest Pinterest Challenge!  For the last couple of years we have been doing Christmas cards with the pictures from Costco, yada yada.  I am getting kind of burnt out, I love getting everyone’s pictures I just wanted to do something different.  Well you […]

The Big “E” Word

Yep I am doing it! I started exercising this week! Can I just tell you that I can hardly make it up the stairs without crying? I keep thinking of all the good things this does for me, but really when it hurts this bad….. I will get better, and I am really proud of […]

Focus, focus

I am a total last-minute gift purchaser, and then stresser!  Every year I say I so am not going to do that again!  Yet as Christmas comes again, it happens every time!  So today I am going to accomplish some gifts.  See I am writing it down just as a focus goal! Onto my current […]

Inspiring Images

Feeling AWWW inspired today!  I want to bake, and craft, and decorate all day.  So not very happy that I have to go to work!!  Uggg!  Anyhow, so here are a few things I am inspired to try (in the very near future)!  Did I tell you my sis and I are having a craft […]