A Story for my MIL.

Don’t you love your mother in law, I do.  That is not a joke, I do! Anyhoo, she is the person that finds funny in all things kids do.  This one time, when she was watching my oldest son, he crawled to a lazy susan cupboard I had in the house, got out the shortening from the cupboard on laboriously covered his whole head in the sticky stuff.  Did she freak out and rush to remedy the situation, NOPE she was laughing so hard she couldn’t!!  So for her enjoyment today I have a new child story.

Sometimes I am a good Mother.  Last night I was making a really nice dinner (yes, it happens every once in a while).  As the biscuits (that I homemade) were cooking I thought “Oh shoot, I need dessert”.  I made some sugar-free Jello and thought a little Cool Whip and we are good.  Well Tana was really excited for this, I mean really excited!  She told everyone in the house “We have dessert!”  Nope not feeling like a bad mom yet.  So we sat at the table to have dinner, I was just relaxing taking my time…D finished a grabbed the munchkin from his high chair and was playing with him in the living room.  I slowed my dinner process, enjoying a little break.  Tana said “Mom can I check the Jello”, “Sure” is say.  Well I wasn’t thinking, yes I put the Jello on the top shelf in the fridge.  So Tana goes to “check the Jello, stands on the edge of the fridge, grabs the edge of the pan and tips it up.  Yep friends, lets just say from right below her eyes down her whole body is dyed red!  I put my head down on the table and said “Nooooooo”.  D was like “What!  What happened.”  I just sat there dumbstruck, Tana was just looking at me dumbstruck.

So for the next hour I cleaned bright red raspberry Jello from every crack, crevice, and surface in the kitchen.  The stuff splattered everywhere!  Anywayz, back to the MIL.  I am so sure she would  be laughing her head off if she could have seen T’s face!  It was so funny now that it keeps flashing in my mind.  Red utter disbelief!  I tried to take her picture by the huge mess, as she was towelling off.  She was kind of embarrassed and wasn’t having it!  So I will leave it to you imagination!

So now that I need some alcohol, I thought I would share a recipe!  Check out these cute Jello Shots.  I have no idea what I would every make them for but they are cute, maybe for the kids double minus the alcohol!

You can find the entire recipe here http://jelly-shot-test-kitchen.blogspot.com/2010/11/unfettered-f-u-n-rainbow-jelly-shooter.html


2 comments on “A Story for my MIL.

  1. Ha! That is too funny. Sounds like something my kids would do. 🙂

  2. What a funny story – and cute jello creation!

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