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I love the look of punched tin but it is kind of spendy!  I desperately needed something to fill the open doors of the hutch in my kitchen, hmmm what to do?  I toyed with the idea of chicken wire, but really my stuff isn’t that cute behind it so I wanted something more solid.  I work in a True Value hardware store, so as I am looking at our products daily I am constantly thinking…”What could I make out of this?”  Hence-My flashing turned punch tin!  Just take a roll of flashing found at any hardware store, like the below

Measure the size of item you will want your design in.  Take tin snips and cut the flashing.  CAUTION-the edges are very sharp!  On the front side, center a design you would like.  You can print out a template and tape it, I just did mine freehand.  Then take a nail and hammer, make sure you put an old board or something behind the flashing.  Then start stamping out your design.  Turn the frame over and staple the tin into the frame.

It turns out really cute!  I love the look and hope you will too!

I have also put in random frames and used it for a magnet board.  The shot below is in my sons nursery.  I am going to put his name across this frame.  Oh yeah, I forgot!  Sorry my pics are so horrible!  I am notorious for breaking or losing my camera, so this is with my phone!  I may put a new one on the old Christmas list, but my hubby may nix that!  He has gotten me a camera about 4 times!


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