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Blog Change

Well as you all know I am a new blogger; so I thought I may as well start with WordPress cuz I hear it’s the best…well the problem is all my blogging friends use Blogger.  Problem for me because when I need help, they can’t help me, lol!  So anyhow I am switching my blog to blogger…so come and follow me at pagesfromhome.blogspot.com.  Sorry to mess you all up, and the new blog is getting edited daily with more work to come.  I am going there right now to show you my latest project, come and check it out!


xoxo Ade

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A Girl With Tools

So guess what?  I got my first power tool!  (That doesn’t sound quite right)  Anyhoo, I am super excited.  I have big plans for this huge closet I have under my stairs.  I went and purchased a whole bunch of molding to put along one wall, then I am going to put up coat hooks, etc.  As I strolled through the store they informed me they were moving.  Then they proceeded to offer me some serious deals! …my brain started going crazy, frame out the fireplace, put molding up on a wall in the entry, so on and so forth.  Lets just say I left with a pile of the stuff!  When I showed the hubs (along with the little mitre box and saw I proudly purchased) he just shook his head.  So after I attempted to make some cuts I figured out what he was so mystified for!  I got a complete arm workout for just 4 cuts!  Lets face it..I need to workout, but this stinking took forever!

Well last weekend we were out running errands as a family.  The hubs drove me to Sears and took me to the mitre saws and said “Pick one out!”  Whoot!  Whoot!  I have big plans!  I haven’t taken it out of the box…but today I bought a jigsaw, and a sander!  I am so on a roll!  Now I just need to attempt a project.  Don’t worry, I will!

Watch out world, Adriane got some tools!

xoxo Ade


Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

Yep it is time to decorate for Valentines Day!  I wanted to create something that I could put on the mantle and was a little funky as well…so I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course)

Totally cute, but I didn’t want to make copies of pictures to use…etc.  So I decided to use an old road atlas..from of course our thrift day.  So here is what you will need:

Road Atlas, Scissors, Glue Stick

Next find the pages that fit your fancy…I love the pinks and reds…the cool think about the atlas is they already have line on the pages, so you just want to make strips like so:

Cut Strips from the road atlas

Put the glue about 1″ up on the end of the strip, the side you want facing out.

Top glue, on side you want out

Then hook the other strip to it, and bend them around in a heart shape.  Put a dab of glue on the ends and you are set!  Don’t worry if it a little floppy, when they are all hooked together it stays pretty well.

You will want to line your hearts on the floor and put a dab of glue in between where you want them to hook together.  Then on the ends, I just hole punched the side and did a little hook with some garden twine.

Valentine Heart Garland

And that is it my friends!  Super easy and cute too…I must say.  This would be a great Valentine craft project for kids, if it weren’t 5am here I am sure my little munchkin would be helping out!

Valentine Road Map Heart Garland

Have a great day!


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Day Of Thrifting In Portland

Well we had quite the adventure this weekend; Amanda and I went on a thrifting adventure in Portland!  Let me just pause and give you some background…I have always been the girl that kind of shuddered thinking about a thrift store.  I attempted it a couple of times and would start scratching and get goosebumps…you know the rest.  The even stranger thing is I have always loved garage sales!  Obviously I have eclectic taste so it was the way to go for me to decorate my home (you can’t beat the price either!).  Well when the garage sales start to end, I would get kind of bored…what to do but enter the thrift store!  I started small, I just wanted a large mirror.  So with my heart thumping in my chest, I went to the local Goodwill.  I went directly to the front counter asked where they would be, went there looked (none to be found) and left immediately, lol!  Anyhow, they said you have to constantly check back, so that is how it began…then next time I actually looked from left to right, etc.

I still haven’t strayed much from home for the thrift stores but when we are so close to Portland…they have over 50 thrift stores for the love of Pete!  So I got online and mapped out our course.  Here was our first stop.

William Temple House

2230 NW Glisan Street Portland, OR (503) 222-3328

I was happy with this store, was in a fun part of town…I really want to go back and check it out!  The prices were great, we got some great finds at this store.  Here is Amanda as we left:

Thrifting In Portland Finds

See that pile of baskets, can I just tell you now…my friend has a problem with baskets, or wood bowls, boxes, etc.!  I think she left every store with a pile that size of the things!  Here are my finds:

Thrifting In Portland Finds

The owl will receive some spray paint, probably all white.  Who knows what I will do with the rest!

Stop 2-Little Edie’s Five and Dime

3120 North Williams Avenue Portland, OR (503) 284-1051

This little place doesn’t look like much from the outside!  Kind of run down but the inside was so fun.  They had the coolest vintage items.  It was just so much fun looking through all the goodies.  It was well-organized and clean and jammed packed.  The prices were a bit steep, but if you love vintage this is the place to go.  Amanda got a handmade ceramic teal cup, and a cute bird picture.  Check out this display of trinkets.

Display case at Little Edie's Five and Dime

Here it is a little closer (oh yeah, notice picture off the phone AGAIN!  Forgot a camera!)

Display thrift store Little Edie's

I was in love with this case!  It would be so cute in my house!

Stop 3-Rerun

707 NE Fremont Street Portland, OR (503) 517-3786

This place was so busy!  It was fun to look at the goodies, but the prices were higher than closer to home.  We are just heading into thrift store central in Portland so we are seeing a price increase in the goods as well.

Stop 4-Avant Garden

2853 SE Stark Street Portland, OR (503) 283-4184

This was an interesting place, we walked to the front and it said call this number for service.  I called and she said “Oh I will be right there”.  Amanda spotted some awesome old wooden spools in the window and checked the price, said $6.00 each, SCORE!  The shop person quickly told us “Those aren’t for sale”  big disappointment, kind of ruined our trip in the store..I did get a really cute old gas can, though!

Old Tin Gas Can

Stop 5-White Rabbit Vintage

916 SE 29th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 577-3355

This little gem wasn’t even on our list, Amanda spotted the sign as we were leaving our last stop so we followed it.  This store had really cool stuff!  I am a total bargain shopper so I didn’t find much, the prices were a bit high for me.  Amanda got a couple of cute items.

Thrift finds wooden boxes

Of course wooden boxes!  Totally cute though!  As we were chatting with the sales lady…lone and behold she gave us a Shop Vintage Portland brochure!  Really!  Could have saved me some time that am!

Stop 6- Village Merchants

3360 SE Division Street Portland, OR (503) 234-6343

I was so amazed as we arrived at these little stores on how busy they were!

Stop 7 House of Vintage

3315 B SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR (503) 236-1991

Well this store was interesting, and it had my people watching on overdrive!  The street had a totally fun vibe, I would want to stroll up and down and shop for sure!  The actual store was a little much for me, each little vendor booth was so jammed and most time sometimes not organized or displayed well.  I think it really has its crowd and I can see that it appeals to many, but had my goosebumps acting up!  I did get these fun Bingo cards.

It was dark at this point so we tried to go over to Vancouver and hit some stores on Main Street.  We really wanted to go to Not Too Shabby, but sadly it was closed as were many of the locations.  We did stumble upon our next stop completely by accident.

Stop 8 Antique Mall

So I feel really bad but I cannot remember what the name of this place was!  I didn’t even get a picture, but I am pretty sure it was on Main Street.  Anyhow, it had some fun trinkets but we didn’t find anything that we loved.  We were a little stumped on what to do next, had to get a bit of energy…coffee for me, smoothie for Amanda, then it dawned on us; Goodwill Outlet in Vancouver.

Stop 9 Goodwill Outlet

If you haven’t experienced a Goodwill Outlet….lets just say go and experience.  It took me awhile to get into this kind of gross 

shopping.  It has these big bins and you have to dig through them to find goodies then you purchase by the pound.  So crazy!  People really get into this.  You can find some great deals..we did..if you can handle it!  I got a wicker love seat and chair for my porch (sorry no picture, still crammed in the back of the car!)  Guess how much?  $25.00 for them both!! SCORE!  The funniest part was Amanda and I trying to get them in the car!  We had to take everything out, lay all the seats down etc., etc.

Sadly, this is where our adventure ends…all in all I think we had a great day!  We will probably do this again, now that we have these stinking brochures!  There are many more treasures to find!

Until next time!



Twine Pears Tutorial

Hello Ladies!

I’m Amanda, former crafty neighbor (former applies to ‘neighbor ‘ – not ‘crafty’) and current bestie to my gracious blog host, Miss Adriane. 😉 Last week, Adriane and I made these A.DOR.ABLE twine pears, and since I was the one with the camera that day, I’ve been asked to guest post and share the tutorial with you!

Grab your glue gun, a bottle of wine, (cuz crafting is ALWAYS funner with wine, and really this tute is so easy, you can still pull it off drunk.) and a few simple supplies, and you’re on your way to a bowl full of beauties.

You’ll need:

Old (or new dollar store) lightbulbs

(We found that using bulbs with a ‘short’ neck make the finished product appear more like a pear)

Twine of your choice. (We used a #530 jute from Home Depot, but any twine, sisal, or thick, natural fiber will do.)

Glue Gun

Twigs –  about 3/4″ pieces of a 1/8″ thickness

1. Begin by making a small tight knot in the end of your twine. Keeping your twin as tight as possible to avoid thin spots,  begin wrapping the twine in a circular pattern around the knot until you have a quarter-sized  “patch”.

2. Apply a circular spot of glue, about the size of your patch, to the big end of your lightbulb.

3. Glue this patch to the big end of your lightbulb, keeping the placement as center as possible.

4. Working in small sections, apply glue to the lightbulb and continue wrapping the twine snugly up the bulb until you reach the tip.

5.  At the tip, wrap the twine until you are left with a small circular spot just large enough for your ‘stem.’  Hot glue the stem in, and use a small amount of glue around the edge to secure in place.

Voila! Now, repeat steps 1-5 about 10-15 times and you will have a centerpiece worth admiring!



Really, could I have cooler friends?  Yeah and um the pictures she takes…so I have some stuff to learn.  Thanks Amanda for posting!  For real…Amanda takes some pretty amazing photos, if you are interested  check out her site, you won’t be disappointed! http://redwillowphotography.blogspot.com/2011/04/worth-wait-amanda-perin-vancouver.html

Here’s one of her pics!  So pretty!


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Number Stool Redo

Phew!  I am beat!  What a weekend!  I am pretty excited, I just got a very small spot to sell my crafty goodies!  So for all of you whom live near me, come check out my space at Uncovered Ruby!  There is some pretty fun stuff if you are into shabby goodies.


When the space is all up and decorated I will take some pictures and pass them along.

I have been working on so many projects (did I mention I had a couple of days to get this all together?).  I did capture some of this little stool that I changed up a bit:

Here is what it looked like before:

So I sanded the top, not too much I wanted the age to stay some.  Then I wrote some numbers on the top.  I just use what I have around to make my letters.  The Number 1 I used a wooden stick for the width and freehand the rest.

Then I just watered down some black paint and filled it in.  For the legs I just did a classic black.  I sealed the top with a Watco Danish Oil in Natural.  I almost kept this..think it is pretty cute.

See you soon with more of the trinkets!

xoxo Ade

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Wine Bottle Turned Home Decor

I’m very kind of strange.  I love to snap pictures with my phone of random items that inspire me to diy.  So as I browsed at Fred Meyer I had to snap a picture of this vase for inspiration.

I totally knew I could create this, I just needed to find the time.  Well since finding time never happens I had to smash it in.  So I found an old wine bottle….not sure where it came from…swear I didn’t slam a bottle of wine so I could complete this craft, well maybe.  Then I soaked the bottle in hot water to remove the label.

Then I heated up the trusty glue gun and went to town.

Played a little DS (kidding) then did some more.

When it was dry I rubbed all the spider web pieces off, you know from touching the bottle then pulling up.  Anyhoo, then I spray painted it!  I did black because I had some black spray paint just sitting in the garage… but I will definitely do white next.  Here is how it turned out.

Well I am loving it!  Now I want to make more!

Talk to ya later!

xoxo Ade

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